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Talent Africa's Services

Executive Search and Selection of Specialised Skills

As the competition for competent people in the workplace becomes more intense, we provide a superior service to our clients to select and place top talent. The process starts with an in-depth discussion regarding the client's current and future challenges to gain an understanding of the recruitment specification. We then apply sophisticated research methodologies to identify potential candidates that we believe meet our client's unique specifications.


Board Strategy Facilitation

Strategy ranks the second highest function of a Board of Directors after the appointment of a CEO. Boards should not expect “ready-made” strategies as if they are only there to put on a stamp of approval.  Board members add value to the process of strategic thinking in successful companies.


Assessment of Human Capital

Talent Africa's assessment practice is based on the premise that assessment techniques should assist the client to make better decisions regarding their human capital and maximise the benefit to the organisation. Individuals, teams and organisations can be assessed.



Winning organisations develop and sustain effective leadership talent. Coaching is a process that enables the continuous learning and development of professionals to help them reach their personal best and thus contribute actively and optimally towards the success of their organisation. Coaching therefore plays an important role in an organisation's overall talent management process and has a strategic impact on the well-being of the business.