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Talent Africa's Approach

Our Approach to Search & Specialised Skills Recruitment

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Our Partnership with Clients & Candidates

Clients : Past experience demonstrates that the most successful search assignments are those in which we work closely together and partner with our client. Accordingly, we would like to indicate the unique contribution that you make to the search process. While we seek to identify and recommend qualified candidates for a position, you and your colleagues will decide whom to hire. There are several additional responsibilities that you should undertake to ensure that the best candidates are made available.



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More exciting information to be released soon.

Our Approach to Assessment of Human Captial


Our Partnership with Clients & Participants

Clients : We have an in-depth discussion with our clients to fully understand the reason why you want assessments and what information you expect from the assessments.


Our Approach to Coaching

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Winning organisations develop and sustain effective leadership talent.  Coaching is a process that enables the continuous learning and development of professionals to help them reach their personal best and thus contribute actively and optimally towards the success of their organisation.  Coaching therefore plays an important role in an organisation’s talent management process and has a strategic impact on the well-being of the business.

Talent Africa works with Talent Growth Partners, a network of independent coaches who specialise in various areas including business coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching, skills coaching and integral coaching.  Depending on the scope and size of each coaching project we assemble a team that is best able and appropriately experienced to meet the unique needs of our clients.